Leelanau Studios
GTRAC – Grand Traverse Regional Arts Campus

Leelanau Studios is located on an eight-acre campus with 1,200′ of Cedar Creek
serving as the northern property border.  This is a partial list of the botanicals on the Campus. Michigan plant life, like most of the world, is comprised of both indigenous and foreign species.


Autumn Olive Barberry
Basswood Black Walnut
Box Elder Buckthorn
Chinese Elm Chokeberry
Crab Apple Day Lily
Emerald Cedar False Salomon’s Seal
Goldenrod Grape Holly
Honeysuckle Jack Pine
Juniper Lilac
Mullen Norway Maple
Paper Birch Poison Ivy
Poplar – variety Red Maple
Red Oak Red Pine
Salomon’s Seal Silky Dogwood
Sugar Maple Sumac
Trees of Heaven White Ash
White Cedar White Pine
Wild Grape Various Grasses